About me

Life is too short to feel victimized by the changing world. You have to own your career and destiny. There are a lot of helps out there in making it in the world, but the first step starts with numero uno: having an attitude of continuous improvement and perpetual education, self or otherwise.

Notable Apps


  • Computer Languages: Objective-C, Swift, C, Java, C#, JS
  • Platforms: iOS, Pebble Smartwatch, J2EE, ASP.NET
  • Fluently speak, read, and write: English, Spanish, Q’eqchi’

Currently Learning


USAA — 5/2006 - Present

Senior Research Engineer
  • Create prototypes of mobile solutions in areas of interest to USAA.
  • Mobile development on USAA iPhone and iPad applications.
  • Innovated creative solutions that resulted in three granted US patents (8,620,815, 8,760,285, and 8,843,405) and an additional two pending for electronic communication and transactions.
  • Created and taught an intro to Objective-C and iOS class, a primer for those who have an interest in becoming iOS developers at USAA.

WayneHartman.com — 5/2010 - Present

Independent iOS Developer


Open Source

  • GoogleTranslationAPI - Objective-C library for interacting with Google's Translations API.
  • MadBomber - Game demonstrating how to build a basic app in SpriteKit.


Brigham Young University-Idaho, Rexburg, ID
BS Information Systems
Graduated 2006