There's something awesome about the fact that all of us carry around these computers in our pocket. That's why I love mobile development: I get to make stuff--anything I want--and carry it with me wherever I go.

  • The Adventures of Alex: Electricity Icon

    The Adventures of Alex: Electricity

    I wanted to do an app that was more than just a simple utility app and decided to sink some serious investment in something that would totally knock the socks of off users. This is a product of collaboration between Excel Florendia (illustrator) and Megan Randa (composer).
  • Trip Receipts Icon

    Trip Receipts

    There are lots of good apps out there that do receipts. I thought it'd be a fun thing just to create my own on a weekend. Most apps have eschewed skeuomorphism with the introduction of iOS 7, but I decided to buck the trend and keep it, just for novelty sake.
  • Webmail++ Icon


    My most successful app to date, Webmail++ was borne out of frustration of having to use a web client to connect to my day job's piece of junk webmail interface to check my mail. I simplified logon and reformatted the page to make it mobile friendly.
  • SA Water Icon

    SA Water

    This app was developed at the Alamo Civic Hackathon in conjunction with the National Day of Civic Hacking and Code For America. It lets San Antonio residents view the real-time water levels of the Edwards Aquifer, know what water restrictions are in place, and receive reminders on their day for watering.
  • TF2 Recipes Icon

    TF2 Recipes

    Though I haven't played in quite some time, TF2 Recipes is a utility app for the immensely successful Team Fortress 2. Valve are very open with their APIs and IP for others to build cool things, so I thought I'd put together an app to use as an excuse for learning some new things in iOS 5 and meet a need not being fulfilled in the App Store: a way to figure out what you can craft with your TF2 inventory.
  • Geekdom for iPhone Icon

    Geekdom for iOS

    Geekdom is a collaborative workspace here in San Antonio. I built this app pro-bono as a way to give back to the community and make something awesome for all of us to use. The only complaint has been: Why isn't there an Android version?!

    So much for free and open...